Toy Soldiers is a turn-based tactical game, stylized to look like tabletop game. The game is designed to be played with two players. Each player has his troop at command while the goal is to eliminate the troop of the opponent player or force him to give up. This game inherits basic features from chess game, but also combines them with some specialties such as unit abilities, combat attributes and so on.


Match goes at battlefield which consists from squares, like chess board. These squares can differ by kind (plain ground, water or hills), some of them may be blocked by objects such as rocks or trees. Units can move across the field in straight lines in eight directions.

Players do their moves in turn, using any unit they have, but considering current level of stamina of this unit. Stamina of the unit gets spent when it does some action (move, attack and so on) and gets replenished at the beginning of each round by some little. Each ability requires certain amount of stamina points, hence, unit can not use his ability when it has not enough of stamina. Most of abilities require invariant amount of stamina. Exception is moving, which cost can vary: moving uphill is more expensive, while moving downhill is less expensive, regardless the length of the way.

At the beginning of the battle all units have certain amount of hit points, which they lose while fighting. Once unit loses all hit points, it is out of the battle. The amount of hit points, that unit loses while gets attacked, depends on the level of its defense and the level of attack of the offender. Units have certain natural levels of attack and defense, but they can also have bonus or penalty, regarding their position on the battlefield and direction towards the opponent. Effects which are applied to the unit, as well as abilities of the unit, also can affect these attributes.

Initially, player's troop consists of four swordsmen, four spearmen, three archers and one monk. Swordsmen are units that have high defense level, their shields gives then additional protection against frontal attack. Spearmen have long spears, unlike swordsmen, who only can attack targets which are located at closest squares (in orthogonal directions), they also can perform diagonal attacks. Archers can shoot their arrows at the enemies which are located in straight lines in any direction, targets should be in shooting range, at line of sight. Archers can not attack units which are located at closest squares, but they can shoot from behind an ally units, if they are located at closest squares. Monk is a support unit, which can heal allies and bless them, giving them bonus to attack and defense.


Toy Soldiers is free to play game. For now, it's available for the following platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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